Thomas Manzini
Microsoft MAIDAP - NLP/ML/AI - Software Engineer


I graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Masters of Language Technologies. My background is in NLP and in my graduate studies I worked with Bosch GmbH, DARPA, and Boeing on question answering and search systems.

I grew up in Las Vegas and I enjoy running, hiking, spending time outdoors and in my spare time I am also a firefighter and EMT. I love working with my hands and learning new skills which I can apply in new ways.

I am fascinated by the development of production AI systems and specifically in improving the quality of question answering and search systems. I'm now working as a Software Engineer in Microsoft’s AI Development Acceleration Program.

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Recent Publications

Black is to Criminal as Caucasian is to Police: Detecting and Removing Multiclass Bias in Word Embeddings

Manzini, Lim, Tsvetkov, Black

NAACL-HLT ’19. The Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Paper Presentation Repository

Found in Translation: Learning Robust Joint Representations by Cyclic Translations Between Modalities

Pham, Liang, Manzini, Morency, Póczos

AAAI ’19. Proceedings of the Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Paper Presentation Poster Repository

Towards Improving the Intelligibility of Black-Box Speech Synthesizers in Noise

Manzini, Black

SPECOM ’18. Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Speech and Computer

Leipzig, Germany

Paper Presentation Dataset

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